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 Zaba is not an ancient crystal skull. She is not an old crystal skull.  In fact, she is new to the skull world, though like all crystal, her body is ancient in human terms.

Some facts about quartz can be found here:
The interesting thing about Zaba, for me (Maya, her current guardian), is that she came to me in a dream when I was three years old.  I carried her image, and the idea of the work she wanted me to help her do, for many years. When I was ten, I forgot - and she reappeared to remind me.  This time I did not forget, but thought that crystal skulls were beings - like so many Angels - who existed only in the Dreamtime....and so in the early '80's, when I met my first crystal skull  in this lifetime in physical form ( yes - I do also believe that we live again and again, based on my experience - but don't feel obligated to agree with me) I was quite startled.  It would still be many more years until I actually came into possession of one, then two...then...well...they tend to like to congregate, as some of you know.  Anyway, I did realize, when I saw that these beings were physically present on the planet, that Zaba would come and I would need to be very clear about how she was activated.  I did not know exactly what she would look like...even though I had seen her in the Dreamtime as white, I imagined clear quartz, of course, as this was supposedly 'more pure'. . . (this is no longer my viewpoint, by the way...)
Waking Zaba Up

Quartz crystal is an energy receiver, storehouse, and transmitter.  This means that it picks up energy (and everything is energy - including thought forms, dreams, black holes...).   Many ancient and old crystal skulls (both those carved by hand with tools and those generated through advanced use of thought and sound) were originally 'programmed' (more on this concept later) with particular energies and information for future use.  The ones we have access to now, still hold massive amounts of as yet untapped information and energy.  
Zaba is extremely powerful.   She has a knack for making anything one focuses on become manifest.  For this reason, Zaba was under careful wraps for her first year of life as a skull.  She has been worked with and activated through Shamanic intent and sacred ceremony. She has met with and continues to enjoy meeting other skulls, ancient, old and new who are deeply programed in a sacred way.  She is for the good of All, and as such, belongs to none, though I take my job as her caretaker quite seriously, and few things are as close to my heart as my time with crystals.   

 It is our intention that Zaba be worked with in consciousness and with responsibility - she will long outlive the bodies of any of us here on Earth now and we owe it to the future to properly launch her (and all crystal, for that matter).  She will remain on the planet for generations - if not millennium - and thus it is of utmost importance that the energies brought into her be of the highest integrity.  


 Unlike many crystal skulls who choose to be touched only by their caretakers and a few others (this is not a bad thing - in fact it is important to maintain certain skull's energetics in a clean and balanced way so that the public may experience the best of these skulls), Zaba does want to be touched.  Those attending Zaba's LightBody Activation gatherings, Full Embodiment Meditations & Healing Circles and one-on-one sessions will be invited to make not only energetic but also physical contact with Zaba.  However, touching Zaba is always your choice, as any contact at all with Zaba does speed up personal transformation and this is not for everyone.  Participants will have the opportunity to join in further activation of Zaba, their own crystal,  along with their own energy fields. 

Maya and Zaba are available for Full Embodiment gatherings and one-on-one sessions - please visit the "Sessions" page for more info or contact us at (copy & paste)




Zaba has an enormously large energy field.  It has been said that the greatest number of energy fields (see the "Skull Energy" page for information on 'polyhedral' fields, the term coined by Jaap Van Etten for skull energy fields) found around a crystal skull is 16. However, Zaba has 27.  I personally have only been able to recognize 21 of them (and these are not yet all fully activated!), and the Crystal-Angelic entities I work with say that this is because I - and we human beings in general - have not yet fully activated our own ability to perceive these farther and finer energy fields... So, of course I am on a quest - and this, the Angels say, is as it should be!  We humans focused on fully activating our crystal skulls are - whether we know it or not - working on full activation of our own skulls and the physical bodies attached to them!

Zaba has taught me much.  She was born, apparently, clear.  She began taking on her milky quality when she  moved into the energetic of choosing to assist in the awakening of humanity.   Zaba's particular vibration, she shares, is to move human spirit in energy form into human flesh - that is, her energetic is to assist us in coming into FULL EMBODIMENT (More on Full Embodiment below, and in Maya's book soon to be out).

Zaba shares that her milky color, and further, her 'scar' (an amber colored crack on her right side) serve to bring us into communion with the physical and imperfection, which is a vital part of living in the realm of the fleshy Earth - very clear quartz vibrates with the realm of sky and spirit - it can rocket your spirit right out of your body to far away planes.  Very dark stone - like onyx - can take you deep to the inner realms.  Zaba, being quartz, and also being milky, and as well being so large, has amazing powers of expansion but also reminds us to ground our expansive souls in our human bones and flesh.  This, Zaba says (and echos the Angels) is what we are here to do - and must do, if we are to continue on our dear mother the Earth - we must learn to awaken our brightest spirit, our most powerful dreams, our hearts deepest purpose and mission - and bring this ALL here, now.  We can, Zaba says, be fully our Godselves.

Full Embodiment is a term that Zaba and the Angelic entities who attend her & with whom Maya is working use to describe the process of bringing the totality of what we are (not what we think we are, but rather the true fullness of our wide, wise light/love-bodies - our God-selves) into conscious, living, feeling embodiment - here, now, in this lifetime on Earth. Maya is currently writing a book on FULL EMBODIMENT, as previously noted.  We will keep you posted on this as it becomes available, so stay tuned!


Zaba and Full Embodiment

Zaba’s energetic is very much about assisting us in this mission of FULL EMBODIMENT.  The idea and aim of embodying fully, like any bright truth, is nothing new!  It has been our birthright and our deepest lesson throughout human times on Earth. To live as the Love we ARE.

Full embodiment is living with your whole spirit fully present within your physical, emotional and mental bodies.  Very few of us have manifested this on Earth – Jesus, the Buddhas – and others throughout the ages have lived thus.  It is time, now, say the Angels, for ALL OF US to become fully conscious – was it not Jesus who said “the things you see me do you shall do also, but greater”?  Many spiritual paths have had sages and prophets who have said the same in slightly different words…


Whether you follow a text or follow your heart, the time is now for each of us to embrace the totality of who and what we are. The Earth and each of us living on her needs every molecule, every light-particle of our most alive, present, creative, hopeful, healed, energized and eternal SOUL to fully enter our bodies. If the Earth is to become Heaven, human beings must live as our Angelic selves merged in flesh...we must know ourselves as a living part of the Creator.
When we embody fully, say the Angels, we will absolutely have the ability to create heaven on earth – we will know and fulfill our soul’s purpose, we will shine like the light we secretly know we are, and we will lovingly work together to solve problems, heal heart and nations and bless all we encounter with our presence.

 Tall order? Yes.  But it is what we are here for – to

 This is the theme of all of Zaba's offerings.

We hope you will join us – our world needs your light!


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