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Welcome Travelers!

We are thrilled that you will be joining us at Zaba's Gatherings and want to help you find your way and invite you to PLAY while you are here!

Most Zaba Events take place in Southern California, in and around Los Angeles AND JOSHUA TREE, with occasional events happening in San DiegoFor your convenience we post some info that may be of interest.

For those seeking to carpool to various Zaba Workshops, we suggest  Carpoolworld. . .

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Below are listings of various locations and activities that may be helpful.  We cannot personally endorse all of these, but we give you links so you may check them out!

We send you blessings on your journey, and very much look forward to seeing you when we do!

Safe Travels,


Maya (& Zaba)

Note: Music on this page by the amazing Scott Rosner



 November 22nd

Zaba's Crystal Skull World Day


Event Locations:

(For event details, please click the EVENTS page link !)


Institute of Mentalphysics/Joshua Tree Retreat Center   

Lotus Meditation Building          

59700 29 Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252



Getting to Joshua Tree, CA:

The closest airport is Palm Springs, CA, about an hours drive to JT.

Los Angeles is about 2.5 hours from JT.

Phoenix, AZ, is just under five hours to JT.


We make the drive from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree regularly and enjoy the ride quite a bit.  Highway 10 right out of LA to 29 Palms Highway, which runs to the door of the Meditation venue (the Institute of Mentalphysics), often feels much quicker than it actually is! 

As you get close to JT on 29 Palms Hwy, you will pass through what we call “The Gauntlet”; several miles of amazing mountainous rockiness – the wild energy of the raw Mojave desert surrounds you as you climb the mountain pass, cleansed and blessed by the dry scent of the dusty chaparral and other desert plants, you can practically feel your heart and aura expanding with the wisdom of the great STONE PEOPLE all around. . . we highly recommend the drive!  It is great preparation for our event. 

Keep your eyes open for signs from the land and the powerful Spirits of the Mojave – jackrabbits, lizards, hawks and coyote abound – and when you embark upon a journey of awakening, the Universe is singing your name - be listening and keep notes; messages often become clear later, especially in the presence of crystal!


Where to stay:

Both Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley (the Retreat Center is between the two towns) have motels, B&B’s and guest houses galore, in every price range – In general, Yucca Valley has more places to stay overall, and Joshua Tree has fewer places with more character.  Check out Lonely Planet’s  listings - - under Joshua Tree National Park hotels and hostels.



Joshua Tree is beautiful in the late fall/early winter.  Temperatures can range from occasional snow into the mid or even upper 60’s (F)/15-20 (C) so plan to dress in layers! 



In and around JOSHUA TREE:

If you come for the weekend, and want some fun stuff to do before or after our events and your One-on-One Session, there are other wonderful things you may wish to check out in the area.  Please check with individual places to confirm times open!


The About a half hour drive north west of Joshua Tree is the Integratron - a crazy, illuminating experience of sound magic in one of the more interesting buildings in the Mojave . . . ‘sound baths’ are scheduled at various times of day – please check their website for current info.  A great experience for any space traveler J


Joshua Tree National  The stunningly spectacular National Park is open year round, from 8am-5pm.  Follow Park Blvd from JT town center South.  Rock climbers come here from all over the world, but you don’t have to be a climber to appreciate the AMAZING ROCKS and forests of JOSHUA TREES (spread by prehistoric giant sloths, who apparently ate the seeds and pooped them across the land. . .)  its like visiting an other world. Really, GO THERE.  Especially if you hear Stones sing. Visit the site to get current entry fees and other info.




Pioneertown – Pioneertown is about 30 minutes from Joshua Tree.  What was once a movie set is now inhabited by locals – it’s a fun walk through the town and you can end your visit with a meal at the famous “Pappy & Harriets” with great food, cool vibe and often appearances by amazing local and/or well known musical talent.


Crazy Art, Funky Antiques...

Yup. Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley have all these things, and the fabulous Desert-Rat personnel who make it all happen.  If you are a collector or just a hang-out kind of human (or non-human, if that be the case), JT is the place to be. 


 Desert Eateries:

All of the following located on 29 Plams Hwy, near Park Blvd in JT.  here are a few of our favorites:

Crossroads Café – Generally wholesome, healthy version of diner food. Best corn bread we have ever tasted.


Natural Sisters,  - Great home made Kombucha, lots of raw/vegan yumminess.


JT Saloon – like it sounds, only about the most LGBTQ friendly saloon we have ever encountered!  Fun old-stuff décor.


Pie for the People - PIZZA!


Worth noting that Yucca Valley has lots of restaurants too!


Whether you come out for an event, a day, or a weekend, we look forward to connecting with each and every one of you.  Blessings on your inner and outer journey and may the Universe bring you signs your spirit remembers how to read!


With Love,



& The Zaba Team









 ~ In and around LOS ANGELES ~


Some North Hollywood/Los Angeles Yoga: 

To achieve FULL EMBODIMENT  we must be bright in spirit, clear in mind, fluid in emotion and vibrant in body. . . got some down-time?  We recommend yoga for all ages and all body types - no matter whether you are normally sedentary or highly fit, a yoga class will deepen and broaden your relationship to your spirit's temple!


In Yoga Center

5142 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Valley Village, CA 1.1 mi SW

(818) 508-8040 ‎ ·


Mark Blanchard Yoga True Power Yoga

4344 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, CA 1.7 mi S


Yoga Shelter

 12408 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 2.6 mi SW

(818) 691-3000 ‎ ·


Yoga Blend

1921 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA 2.9 mi E

(818) 954-9642 ‎ ·


The Jade Apple

10502 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 1.3 mi SE

(818) 508-9434 ‎ ·


Bikrams Yoga College of India

11239 Ventura Blvd #204, CA 2.3 mi S

(818) 752-4325 ‎ ·


Lotus Kitty

12080 Ventura Place, Studio City, CA 2.2 mi SW

(818) 980-8455 ‎ ·

Category: Yoga Studio


Rising Lotus Yoga

13557 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 3.3 mi SW

(818) 990-0282 ‎ ·


In Los Angeles, in case you are burned out from your tour of Hollywood Blvd and need to rejuvenate. . .

Golden Bridge Yoga is world famous, especially for its Kundalini Yoga.  There you will find a class for every yoga taste, and often our favorite yoga teacher and dear friend (some of you have met her at Zaba events where she has guided us in some awesome Zaba preparation Yoga) - Alice Fulks.

Peace Yoga is a downtown studio,  small, but sweet.  Our favorite teacher is no longer there, but you might find an enjoyable class there if you are downtown and need a yoga fix!



Santa Monica Pier - what would a visit to SoCal be without a stroll down the famous pier??  Parking for beaches is $12, beaches are usually fairly wild and empty in fall and winter, but the great Pacific never looses its ability to wizard and purify us even when its stormy and grey!  Driving north on the Pacific Coast Highway will take you to Malibu, where beaches can be even more unpopulated, wild and magical!

Venice beach - not the total vagabond row it once was, you can still see and feel remnants of the crazy life there - we love Venice beach - from the water to the town itself. 

Long Beach - if you have time and a vehicle, Long Beach has all kinds of fun - this link will bring you to Things To Do in Long Beach  such as touring THE QUEEN MARYTour of the historic ocean liner and World War II troopship - you can almost hear the ghosts of the troops and guests on the decks. . .


Movie Theaters:

Hey - its Hollywood - there are TONS of theaters!  Maya's favorite? 

ArcLight Hollywood, 6360 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA  - Showtimes/LA

But don't expect adds and pre-showtime entertainment on screen - we love this theater because it respects film making and DOESN'T  clutter our brains with pre-film garbage.  Sit in the stillness awaiting your movie, just like the old days - no adds, no music, just perfect stillness. . . except of course for the often humorous introduction (by a live human) of your film!


If you don't want to venture down to Hollywood, in the NoHo area there are plenty of cinemas:



5240 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 0.6 mi SE

(310) 478-3836 ‎ ·

Category: Movie Theater


Secret Rose Theatre

11246 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 0.7 mi S

(818) 766-3691 ‎ ·


The Road Theatre Company

5108 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 0.9 mi SE

(818) 761-8838 ‎ ·


North Hollywood, CA 15 mi S

(424) 835-0017 ‎ ·


Lonny Chapman Group Repertory

10900 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 0.7 mi E

(818) 700-4878 ‎ ·

Deaf West Theatre

5112 Lankershim Boulevard, CA 0.8 mi SE

(818) 762-2998 ‎ ·


Cinemark 8

12827 Victory Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 2.1 mi NW

(818) 508-1943 ‎ ·


Actors Forum Theatre & Workshop

10655 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 1.2 mi SE

(818) 506-0600 ‎ ·


Universal CityWalk

100 Universal City Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 3.0 mi SE

(818) 622-4455 ‎ ·


Valley Plz 6 North Hollywood

6355 Bellingham Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 1.3 mi NW

(818) 760-8400




There are surprisingly, a number of places to hike in Los Angeles!  Three of Maya's favorites are:

Malibu Creek State Park (must have a car to get to this one) - its where Planet of the Apes, among other things, was shot.  Stuningly beautiful.  Take a picnic.

Griffith Park/Hollywood Hills - park in the Griffith Observatory parking lot, visit the observatory, hike to the top for a spectacular 360 degree view of Los Angeles!!  We LOVE this hike, and the Observatory is truly the HOGWARTS of LA.  Enjoy the beautiful Observatory grounds which included statues of famous astronomers and a proportional diagram on the pathway of our solar systems planetary orbit.

Here is a site for hikers in general and has much more detail for those who want to explore LA's hiking:

Hiking in Los Angeles



If its your first time to the Los Angeles area, and you are brave and enjoy a colorful and crazy adventure, no visit to LA is complete without a walk down Hollywood Blvd!


Here, for the museum fanatics, is a list of LA museums.  



Music & Other events:

 LA Weekly has it all.



Places of Rest, Retreat, Exploration and Regeneration:

Here are a couple of lovely places to visit. . .

The Lake Shrine temple

17190 Sunset Blvd.

Pacific Palisades, California  90272

Lake Shrine Website


 Peace Awareness Labrinth

3500 West Adams Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA 90018 

Peace Labyrinth website 



And there is so much more if you want to explore!  We hope this page is helpful to you in planning your trip and look forward to seeing you and working together as we enrich our ability to LIVE AS LOVE and thus create the world we always knew was possible!


With Love,

Maya (& Zaba)


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