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There are many famous and less known crystal skulls and their human caretakers currently active in the world. Some work in private and some make themselves available to the public in various ways.

Ancient skulls (created over 1500 years ago), Old skulls (created 100-1500 years ago), or New skulls (modern to 100 years old), these beautiful Stone People, as I like to call them,  have been and are being activated through work with their human caretakers & guardians, shaman people, angelic entities, forces of nature and their own intent. 

There is much debate regarding the authenticity of certain skulls classified as “Ancient”.  This site is not concerned one way or another with this issue.  Our intent is to assist in making the crystal skulls and their love, healing and information available to as many people as are interested in receiving them.  While investigating the crystal skulls, we  (Zaba & I) suggest that you remain open to what each skull has to offer you – not from a place of judgment, but rather a place of openness – indeed, encounters with healing, awakening and spiritual transformation do not often arise for those who have their shields up! 
Try this:

Allow, in preparation to peruse the skull links on this site, your tension to slip away…just let it go.  Allow your breath to fall in and out of your body with ease.  Allow any part of yourself that might be in need of a change to open to that change…state that it is your INTENTION to open to whatever healing you might benefit from.

Viewing the skulls - or even images of them - can quicken your awakening,. . As you allow their images to enter your field of vision, remain open and connected to all aspects of your being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual -  and see if you can consciously experience any shifts in your being.  One of the most common experiences when connecting to the crystal skulls is that of being engaged in a deeper flow of love or access to information.  But this might not be YOUR experience…stay open…listen with your inner ear, look with your heart, see what unfolds for you.

Love and Awakening are always present - they simply await our readiness & willingness to open to them. 


And now for some skulls...
 One of  the easiest to navigate and most extensive websites listing crystal skulls is 
MD of has created a site with  solid information on most of the well-known skulls as well as some links to other sites.  They offer crystal skulls for sale and much more.  Thanks to this company for making so much skull information all in one place!
 Very good information of a highly metaphysical sort, from Arch Angel Metatron, channeled by James Tyberonn:
 Joshua Shapiro's web page for the recently publicized, old amethyst skull kept by a family in a safety deposit box for many years in Germany
22.17 lbs
Blue Star Maiden
Bob the "Wishng Skull" & Junior
owned by Cece Stevens
British Museum Skull
12.02 lbs
 This is one of Maya's very favorite crystal skulls; I have spent many hours with this skull.  This skull, it seems to me, loves his spot in the British Museum where he is able to energetically experience many, many people.  If you get the chance to see this fellow, do it.  He is also very responsive to connection via his image.
Corazon de Luz 
18 lbs
The Mitchell-Hedges skull
11.91 lbs
 The Mitchel-Hedges skull is probably the most famous of all crystal skulls.  I, Maya,  have had the pleasure of spending time with this awesome skull, and it is truly inspiring to be in the presence of this blessed being.  Currently under the guardianship of Bill Hoeman.  Bill is a grenerous storyteller and shares his take on some of the myths, facts  and magic of 
the "Skull of Love".
The elusive Mayan Skull
8.71 lbs
This skull is quite a mystery - apparently it exists, but no one knows where - not even if this is actually a photo of it - I find this fun and curious, so Ive included the photo here.  If you have information on this skull you want to share, please let me know and if it checks out, I'll post it here!
4.41 lbs

Moses of Peace
3 lbs
Moses (and many other skulls, along with bushels of skull info!) can be visited on Joseph Shapiro's great website:
Paris Museum Skull
5.60 lbs
Portal De Luz
10 lbs
More from Crystal Skull Explorers Joshua Shapiro & Blue Arrow rainbow Woman:
I have had the pleasure of meeting Sam on more than one occasion. My experience of Sam is that his energy is very masculine (in an almost fatherly way), very focused,  and very rooted in the Earth, while also being something of a rocket ship to spirit!  Skulls tend to have things in common with their guardians (I believe they choose human caretakers who will best reflect, enhance and carry out their energetic missions) and Jaap, Sam's caretaker is no exception to this.  His work with the skulls is linear (Jaap comes from a scientific background) while also opening deeply to the non-physical realms.  (Sam & Jaap's work is beautifully complimented by Jaap's wife Jeanne and her crystal skull offerings as a  healer).
Sha Na Ra
13.12 lbs
Sha Na Ra is an amamzing skull, once caretaken by Nick Nocerino  -  please read about Nick and his work on the link below.
Hear Nick speak on the skulls:
ShaNaRa lives and travels with Nick's daughter Michelle Nocerino.  When I first met ShaNaRa,  Michelle's friend, Kirby Seid was watching over him.  Kirby is a shiny soul who sells extremely beautiful (visually and energetically) crystal skulls and other crystal objects.  He is doing some wonderful work with light and crystal - please check out his website:
Smithsonian Skull
31 lbs
15.5 lbs
96.9 lbs
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