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One on One Healing & Activation Sessions with Maya & Zaba


One on One Sessions

You may book  your personal time with Crystal Zaba alone, or with Maya present. 

Open to or choose the purpose of your session time:

  • Personal healing
  • Directed healing for others
  • Angelic or Crystal Readings
  • Awakening of Purpose
  • Release of Energetic blocks and Mending of energetic leaks
  • Focus on specific healing issues
  • Catalyzation of personal light body and purpose in this Earthwalk (lifetime) and beyond

. . .  or just open to the immense flow of energy between yourself and the Crystal Catherdrals!   

Take the magic home with you:

You are welcome to bring your crystal skulls, other crystal friends or sacred personal objects for energetic and informational transmission, download and activation during your scheduled time. 

If you would like to book a session, please email Maya at





























Workshops offer a more in-depth experience of working with Zaba, your personal Light Body, and others committed to deepening presence, healing, Love and awakening in partnership with the Stone People, the Crystal Angelics. (Bring your own stones and/or work with ours!) 

Everyone in attendance will have opportunity to touch and interact with Crystal Zaba.



     FULL EMBODIMENT; Light Body Activation

               In Partnership with Living Crystal                    

With Maya Massar and ZABA, the 96lb crystal skull.


Is the vessel of your body vibrant and healthy enough, your heart courageously feeling and expressive enough, and your mind clear of clutter and open enough for your true, Bright Spirit in fully embody in?  If not, how shall you fully walk your purpose here on Earth?

In this full-day workshop, alternative healing facilitator, angel communicator, priestess of crystal healing and a shamanic & fine artist, Maya Massar, along with Zaba, the 96 lm crystal skull, offer sacred and dynamic time and space in which we may raise the vibratory level at which we live on a daily basis.

Light Body (extended chakra system) work greatly increases the speed with which we may transform our physical, emotional and mental states.  Activate your Light body in the presence of Living Crystal who’s intention is to be of assistance in the release and mending of energetic blocks and leaks that have kept you from living as your GOD-Self (or highest self) Fully Embodied here and now, as the shining co-creator of our new reality – Heaven on Earth -  that you truly are.

We look forward to seeing you upon the journey!

With Love,

Maya (& Zaba)

Suggested donation amounts vary depending on location and duration of event.

(All benefits beyond operating costs go to First People’s and disaster relief causes. Please pay what you are able.)



For more information please visit the FULL EMBODIMENT MEDITATIONS page.

You may also contact Maya:


Note:  Anyone is welcome to "Tune In" to any of our gatherings or workshops.  During the Full Embodiment Meditations & Healing Circles energetic portals are opened for those tuning in from around the world.  We currently have many individuals and several groups who join us.  When you Tune In, you are adding your bright spirit to our collective intention for Grace, Healing, Awakening and Divine Presence here on Earth and beyond.   You may seek healing for your self and or offer it to those in need.  For information on "Tuning In" from afar, please visit the Full Embodiment page and scroll to the bottom!



We look forward to seeing you soon!





*About Suggested Donation Amounts


We wish to make Zaba's work available to all who would like to experience it. 

No one will be turned away for lack of funds  - please pay what you want. 

We thank you and may the blessings of all you offer in life return to you multiplied!

Note:  A "suggested" donation amount is, truly, only a suggestion - you will NOT discover that our"suggested" amount is actually a REQUIRED amount. We honestly invite you to  pay WHATEVER you want to pay.  We are not interested in judging  you for your financial situation!  If you are unclear as to how much to pay, we suggest the following:

1).  Sit in Sacred Silence

2).  Breathe your being EMPTY of clutter & stress

3).  Breathe your being FULL of Light

4).  Consider suggested amount for the workshop or session you want to attend.  Ask your Heart of Hearts, your God-Self, the Divine, your guardians (or whomever you call on for Light) a number, an amount, that is the right and best amount for you to pay.  There IS a number - an amount aligned with Highest Light and Deepest Love - that will catalyze YOU on your path of Awakening.  You may wish to wait until your session and be guided by the moment.  Trusting your inner Knowing is one of the important steps on the path to Full Embodiment. 

Once you decide ~ 

 There are three ways to pay:

  • 1). We can invoice you with Paypal (very simple to use - just follow prompts - you will be given an option to use your visa or mastercard).  

    2).  You may mail or bring us a check (Personal or bank draft)

    3). For in-person (as opposed to at-a-distance) sessions or for workshops, you may also choose simply to put your donation in the donation box at the time of your Zaba event. In this case, there is no one taking your money - in fact, we will not even know what you have put in the box, as it is simply added to the donations of others and collected later.  


    We mean it when we say: No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

    We trust your integrity - Please pay what you want to pay.

    (*As with all of Maya's crystal-work and healing related offerings, all funds collected for One on One Sessions beyond our travel and event-related abundance uses go to First People’s and Crisis Relief causes.)

For more information or to register, please contact us:


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