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Maya on Skull Energy
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Here is where I, Maya, Current guardian of Zaba, the 96 pound crystal skull, share a ramble on crystal skull energy.   Please enjoy - and filter all through your own body, mind, heart and spirit; keep what works, trust your being to know, and evolve your own understanding of this ever-unfolding subject!

 Important note:

For me, the Angelic Kingdom is REAL, and so I speak of it as such.  
Though I have had an unusual number of unusual experiences, which have lead – even coming from a fairly scientific upbringing – to my accepting many things that may seem odd or intangible to most people, I never ask anyone to believe what I believe – so take my words with a grain of salt – sift that salt through your own heart, and keep only what works for you!



Crystal Skull Energies

Though each human being will find their own awakenings with each crystal skull they encounter, it is also true that most crystal skulls do carry and transmit particular energies that assist us in particular types of awakenings, growth, awarenesses etc.  Usually (but not always) people working with a particular skull will more or less agree on the vibration or energy that skull offers. (For example, the Mitchell-Hedges skull is referred to as “The Skull of Love” and indeed, most who experience this skull’s presence agree that pure love is the main energetic it blesses us with and awakens within us).

 Just as each human being we encounter affects us differently, so each crystal skull.  And this is as it is meant to be – we all have the potential to grow and shift every part of our beings, and meetings with different types of people and skulls help us to awaken different aspects of our selves.  

So again, stay open to what YOUR experience is.  Nothing anyone can tell you (no matter how much of an authority they may be) is more important that what you discover at the core of your being when you are aligned with your deepest heart.


Piezoelectric phenomenon refers to the ability of some materials (quartz crystal certain ceramics,  and, most notably, bone) to generate an electrical potential in response to applied stress.   Though the scientific  world (or at least the main stream parts of it) might not see this as so, many crystal skull workers agree that human thought and emotion - especially LOVE - generate a force that works like any other 'applied stress' on piezoelectric crystal.  Therefor it follows that quartz may be activated by conscious, subconscious or superconscious intent or feeling.  I will not get deeply into this subject, but if you  want to know more, Jaap Van Etten's book  "Crystal Skulls, interacting with a phenomenon" has  good information.  (Jaap is a writer and teacher with a PhD in ecology who, along with his wife and crystal healer, Jeanne Michaels, works extensively with crystal skulls.  Some of their skulls are included on the "links" page).  

 Jaap also discusses in some detail what he has called the "polyhedral fields" of crystal skulls.  Polyhedral fields  are the energy fields surrounding a crystal skull.  These are measurable, and changeable as the crystal skull is "activated".  (more on activation below). Polyhedral fields may vary in size and number depending on size and type of crystal, and always increase when crystal is carved into the shape of a human skull.  If you are interested in learning more about polyhedral fields, I suggest, again, Jaap's book.

I think it is interesting to note that both quartz and human bone have piezoelectric qualities, and polyhedral fields increase in size and number in quartz when it is carved into the shape of a human skull, AND that both crystal skulls and human heads are incredibly good at receiving, storing, and transmitting information and energy.  What one makes of this is up to each individual, of course, but to me it is no fluke that crystal and human beings are now choosing to work together.

Check out this interesting bit:  Calcite microcrystals in the pineal gland of the human brain: second harmonic generators and possible piezoelectric transducers



This is Orchid, one of Maya's personal skulls, and one of Zaba's four primary skull guardians



My work with the skulls is my favorite thing in this world. As I experience them, the skulls are like me -  solid to Earth and  wide to Spirit.  They are teaching me so much about everything – mostly myself, and the nature of life on Earth, and how this is not separate from all that our brightest spirits can imagine or dream.

My work with skulls and my healing work as well involves SOUND.  There is - as many of you are well aware - a realm in which EVERYTHING and every NON-THING is SOUND.  Sound is not separate from LIGHT/color.  My experience is that it is from this place that transformation of ANYTHING is not only possible, but pretty darn easy.

"Rumor" has it that the mysteriously created  Mitchell-Hedges skull (Hewlett-Packard tests were unable to find any evidence of tool markings or other signs of the skull being created by human hands) was formed by chrystalmorphosis, or morphocrystalic generation - which was done by the use of sound and intent.  After the things the crystal skulls have been teaching me, (or, rather, AWAKENING in me) this now seems absolutely plausible.  Not just plausible, but I know its true. (Knowing, of course, that none of us truly Knows anything.)



Creating the Path

Quartz and most other stone might rather stay in the Earth, just as I might rather stay on a mountain or in a cave or alone by the sea, but now is a time that cognitive beings are choosing to come forward to lend our energies to The Mending of The Sacred Hoop; From every "family'' we will come - two legged, 4 legged, winged, finned, creepy-crawlies, and all the standing-still people - trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs and lichens, mountains, boulders, rocks, stones and every grain of sand....from among us some will choose this give-away:

To enter out into the world of 'man' and offer our selves along this path we are all creating....

Contrary to what many human beings believe, my reality is that it is crystal that is the most spiritually advanced form of life on Earth - next come the Plant People, then the Animals, and last ourselves.  Working with the Stone People can be a tremendously humbling and awakening experience!


Be a Part of Earth's Immune System

Here is the thing:  We humans tend to like our gloom and doom, so we focus on what is terrible, and use this as a drug – the drug of avoiding responsibility…’its all too overwhelming, too hopeless, to scary, too dangerous….we are too burdened with the trauma of living in this hard world, too tired, too sick, to stressed…' and on and on.  But this is all (as, of course, is everything…) an illusion we have chosen to buy into.  It is true that there is plenty in need of change - there is poverty and pollution and war and destruction and fear and dis-ease and - - well, we all know this stuff. 

The thing, as I was saying, is that there is also an unprecedented movement of humanity towards awakening, towards love, towards a whole new kind of coming together, diving deeply within, moving and changing how we live.  We are each – whether pressed into fierce action or wild spiritual connection –  growing.  Growth can be temporarily slowed or clogged by fear, but the energy of healing rolls like a wave, a snowball gathering weight, and we are not and cannot be separate from it.  And, to get back to “The Thing” – the thing is, the very thing is:  It is precisely this being pressed to potential end – the end of what we treasure, life on Earth, Peace, happiness…to be faced with this magnitude of potential destruction IS EXACTLY what is called for to kick up the steam under our collective growth.  Perhaps this stress is catalyzing our own bones' piezoelectric response - and the electrical charge we generate in this response is the very energy we need to change!


Here, on Earth today, (and throughout the universe, if you care to expand awareness that far) humanity and all of our Earth-brothers and sisters – everything in nature, spiritual entities – ALL OF US – are being pressured like never before in our current recorded history – to GROW. To expand who and what we know ourselves to be.  This is the natural course of things! 

Human beings have always grown through the experience of adversity.  We are now doing just that –  in facing the extreme adversity currently before us on this planet (dying species, poisonous air and water, disintegrating ozone, war, dangerous politics, dirth of food worldwide, new dis-eases, and plenty of personal stress) more human community is being built, more activists are being activated, more spirituality is being accessed – more artists are bringing forth their art, and again, on and on… 

In fact, you do not have to DO anything to be a part of this. You ARE a part of it. It is taking place.  We – as a species are transforming.  We as a family of Earth's children - her cells - are transforming.  We as the cells of the Earth are gathering, moving, shifting – just as some people have said humanity can be seen as a cancer on this planet – what is occurring now is that some of us (more and more each day as so called ‘crisis’ grows) are behaving more like the white blood cells of the immune system! 

We are gobbling up the cancerous energies (sadly, we had to get to the point of disease manifest to such a degree before making our changes, but as we treat our bodies, so the Earth…at least we are finally heeding the call to action and growth!), we are swarming and shifting those energy blockages so health may once again prevail.  We are calling on more of ourselves than we knew existed, individually and as a whole.  And I say again,  you do not have to force anything - just as the cells in your body must go with the flow and intent of your being - we, as a living part of the Earth - must go with the flow of HER intent.  The earth is activating her own healing and awakening: and so it is that WE are growing...


And guess what?  That is exactly how it is meant to be.


So again I invite you to participate –
The FULL EMBODIMENT Meditations & Healing Circles  and Zaba’s workshops and one-on-one sessions are and will be a celebration of your being’s natural reach towards awakening.  Please join us.


For those who cannot be physically present

Growth, awakening, work with crystal skulls and healing in general does not require you to be anywhere in particular other than 100% present in your own being.  Check "Tune-In", on the Full Embodiment Meditations page for information on tuning-in from afar.

Thank you for your willingness to bring more of your winged spirit into your fierce flesh.  As you bring dreams and visions to reality, you will heal things on this Earth – most importantly, your understanding and experience of yourself.





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