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WITH ZABA, the 96lb crystal skull



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Greetings and Love to All!

Breathe deep.  Relax open into your brightest awareness.  We are all shifting and

changing so rapidly!  

Now is a time for  much focus and much forgiveness - mistakes will be made by us all - they are a part of growth - but we do not need to hold onto them.  Where in the past we might have passed judgment and become stuck on the emotional drama available, now it is time, in the new paradigm of Unity of Hearts - the  'Age of Aquarius' - to move beyond judgment and drama.  This is not to say that issues should remain unaddressed -  we can clear what needs clearing,  allow what needs to come up to come up so we may see and heal it


so we may live ALIVE and in the creative energy that Life is.

Zaba and Maya work with groups aligned with

the intention of Healing, Awakening and specifically her specialty: 


(bringing our fullest, brightest and highest soul-source into our physical lives here and now on Earth)

Full Embodiment sessions offer Activation of the LightBody.  LightBody Activation in Partnership with Living Crystal can greatly speed up the process of healing and awakening. 

Please read on if you feel drawn to this work . . .


Meditate in the loving presence of Zaba, the 96.7 lb. crystal skull. 

Zaba has been (and continues to be) consciously worked with and assisted in her activation by healers and shaman people from around the globe, with the intention of generating the vibration of

Highest Good for All that Is - in partnership with Zaba and her own expressed intention.

Explore the powerful and gentle awakening of body, heart, mind and spirit
 that human and crystal interaction can catalyze.

Connect to the Crystal Skull Grid of Light available to all,
for personal and planetary transformation and activation.

Meet other crystal skull enthusiasts and their crystal skulls, bring your own, or learn how to open to finding the skull that is just for you!

Many who have experienced being in the presence of Zaba have been catalyzed to rapid and deep healing and growth.  During gatherings, you are welcome to touch Zaba, though this can greatly increase the speed with which life-lessons come – physical contact is optional and should be chosen consciously.
Crystal, a living being aligned with the vibration of LOVE, along with with human intent, has the ability to open bodies to vibrant health, hearts to the purification of Love, minds to the clarity of Light and thus transform our physical, emotional and mental bodies into the perfect temple for our full and shining spirits to embody in.


This is Zaba’s offering to us all.

What if your full-spirit, your true soul, your Divine Self

Were to fully manifest, here on Earth?

What might your bright spirit choose to do with your time here?

What gifts does your deepest heart seek to give?



Join us, on a journey of discovery.




I see myself and all others through eyes of Love.

I forgive and release myself and all others from judgment with my heart of Light.

The release of fear-based ego allows me to

Choose - 

 I choose, to the best of my ability in every moment,

to live

~ in thought, word & deed ~

in alignment with the




I breathe and release into ONENESS

I embrace CHANGE






 Learn to use the wisdom, power and intention of crystal and crystal skulls to rapidly forward release of obstacles to growth and healing. Using crystal, sound, color, chakra activation and sacred ceremony in the presence of Zaba, other crystal skulls and quartz friends, you will facilitate  your own awakening and healing.  Zaba, unlike many of the "ancient" skulls, gladly invites you to TOUCH her - though, again, actual physical contact may greatly increase the speed with which life-lessons arise, and thus expedite personal life-transformations - this is not for everyone - but if you feel a resonance with Zaba,  you are most welcome to step up and feel the energy of this marvelous gift of the Earth & Stars!

We hope you will join us as we lift our vibratory rates in body, heart and mind, so our bright spirits may find our beings free and open enough to incarnate fully, and thus carry out what we came here to carry out.  Clear and energize your being, remember your purpose, divine your mission and






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Zaba Gatherings are held in Joshua Tree, CA unless otherwise noted.  Maya and Zaba would love to come to your city if our schedule allows. Please contact for details.

Participants may join us for an informal crystal skull information session, powerful meditation, and group healing circle along with whatever magic our guests, Zaba & the Crystal Angelics and your own spirit bring to the Circle!!


The Crystal Angels ask us to ask ourselves: 

Am I living, in each moment, from a place of LOVE or a place of FEAR? 

For the two cannot dwell within the heart at the same time. . .


Anything that keeps us from LIVING OUR FULL GOD-SELVES (Goddess Selves, Buddha-Selves, Jesus-Selves, Higher Selves,  etc) FULLY AND IN EVERY MOMENT is fear based, and thus not love based living.

Stress?  Worry?  Anxiety?  Despair?  Boredom? Confusion? Etc. . .


Breathe now.  


Where in your being is the block or leak to the LOVE your God-self is capable of?

We are being called upon now - and Crystal seeks to assist us in this process - to wake up to our own fullness - to live in LOVE, from LOVE and as LOVE.  In every moment. In all we do.  


Please Join us in a circle of human and crystal friends for an evening of discovery, healing and Radiant Renewal


 (Join us in person or Tune In from Anywhere - see

"How to Tune In" at the bottom of the page)


What you may expect when you attend a

Full Embodiment Meditation & Healing Circle with Zaba:


  • Simple energetic cleansing to release any energetic debris we no longer need
  • Creation of Circle of Love & Safety
  • Brief information session, including: 
  • Partnership - Crystal & Human intent 
  • Why Skulls?
  • Crystal Angelics
  • A bit about Zaba
  • Full Embodiment
  • How to find and acquire your own crystal skull& other healing stones
  • Whatever else the skulls may have to share on a given evening!
  • The Meditation itself, including:
  • Toning for vibrational purification
  • Crystal connection
  • Relaxing the physical, etheric, and mental bodies
  • Finding the blocks & mending the blocks
  • Finding the leaks & mending the leaks
  • Re-entrance
  • Healing Circle
  • Closure


What to bring:

In general, p ease bring a cushion or planket to sit on, your open heart, a notebook and writing utensil, and though it is not at all a requirement, you are more than welcome to bring your own crystals  and/or crystal skulls to be charged and activated in the presence of other crystal-family members & love.  Wearing loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move and lifts your spirit is also helpful.



Full Embodiment Crystal Meditation & Healing Circle

with Zaba 

(Facilitated by Maya Massar & Guests)

Suggested  donation is $20 - $22
However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds - please pay what you want!

You can also always Tune In from home.


If you wish to make a donation at any time, please click here:



To attend a  meditation or request directions  please email:


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Meditation & Healing Circle Tune-In

If  you are unable to attend a Meditation in person, we invite you to tune in energetically.  You may tune in at any time between 7-9 pm - as we begin meditations, we will be opening energy channels specifically for those tuning in. 


 How to "Tune In":


There are as many ways to energetically connect from a distance as there are people who choose to do so.  Please feel free to connect in any way that serves you, however, if you need some ideas or just feel like following the guidance listed here, you are most welcome!  Here are some simple steps:

A).  Choose a space in which you will be undisturbed.  Make that space beautiful to you in some way - maybe just give it a quick dusting, or perhaps gather some flowers, dim the lights, light a candle, play music, put pictures of Divine Energy as you see it (Jesus, a Buddha, the Cosmos, The Goddess, etc.) or loved ones.  Anything that opens your heart, makes you feel safe, or relaxes you in a natural way will work.  If you live with crystals of any sort, its time to invite them into your space to work with you!

A1).  Cleanse the space and yourself - using smudge, sound, or simply the energy of your own hand along with your intention - brush off your body and aura, brush off the energy of the space  you are in, seeing your self and the energy around you as clear and full of Love.

B).  Sit and relax your body.  If doing some stretching or physical activity beforehand helps, great.  Sometimes taking a bath and putting on clean, comfortable clothing can help  - the physical body relaxing allows you to open to the emotional (or etheric) body. Allow stress to fall away.  Breathe.

C).  Allow the emotional essence of what you are feeling - in this moment - to flow open.  Trust that WHATEVER you are feeling right now is right - do not judge it "good" or "bad" - simply allow feelings of the day to flow unimpeded, through your body like a river through the Earth's canyons. Not blocked, neither wallowing in them.  Flow. Breathe.

D).  Breathe deep space into the core of  your being...and let your mind's chatter fall softly onto the gentle winds, and see them carried away to the farthest reaches of eternity.  Let your  mind be clear and OPEN.  Keep breathing.

E).  When you feel physically relaxed, emotionally flowing and mentally clear and open, (you will likely be feeling both very grounded and very spiritually awake by now), your own spiritual self will be more fully present.  From this presence of self, see your self connected to whatever you hold as the Divine.  SEE & FEEL your connectedness to what is most Sacred to you - likely, you will notice that your heart (which lies centered between the chakras of physicality and emotion below it, and the chakras of mind and spirit above it) is easy to connect with.  Allow your heart and the Heart of the Divine to merge.

F).  Chose (or have chosen) a quartz crystal entity (this can be Zaba, if you wish to tune in to her energies of Full Embodiment and Healing, or another crystal skull you feel drawn to, a crystal or crystal skull of your own) is important to remember that ALL quartz is of the Earth, and has been connected, energetically, no matter where it is from, how it is gathered, tended or carved.  In connecting with stone, you are connecting to the heart and spirit of ALL stone - the core of the Earth and the galactic eternities!  What is most important is that you feel a heart connection and a resonance with the stone being you choose.  

F2).  Connect with the stone-being.  You, your experience of Divinity, and the stone.  HOW you connect to that stone is up to  you - use your heart as a guide. All activated crystal skulls are a part of the "Crystal Skull Light Grid" - an energetic network of LOVE-energy that receives, stores and transmits love and information in the form of sound, light and geometry, between all connected skulls (including human ones - us!).  The Grid surrounds the Earth, but is not limited to Earth in its scope of connection.  Human beings, stone beings, star beings, angelic beings, Masters, Celestial bodies, and many others aligned with Truth and Love and Light and Healing connect along the grid-lines.  So, as  you connect with the crystal of your choice, be relaxed, be present, be open - and what you need to discover will come to you!

We will sit in communion with the stone-beings for some time.  Each month, the meditations will be guided in a particular direction, however, WHATEVER you experience is VALID.  

YOU ARE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY.   This is very important to remember.   All this information here may be of use to you - or it may not!  Trust only your own Heart's Knowing - if  you feel moved in meditation to do something other than what is written here - BY ALL MEANS - GO FOR IT!

During the second part of the session, we will be using sound - our voices - as a road upon which healing energy may travel to those seeking it.  I encourage you to use your voice as you state healing intention, aligned with Truth & Love, for  yourself and/or others.  Generally, this portion of the evening takes place about one hour after we begin - start your healing hum whenever you are moved to do so!

 If in your connection from home you feel that  you are meant to physically touch Zaba, you can do this on an energetic level by visualizing Zaba and physically lifting your hands, heart or forehead and placing them in front of you AS IF you were in front of Zaba. If you are used to working with crystal, you will likely feel a very strong, bright wave of energy when you do this, or you may feel that you are INSIDE of Zaba.  This means you have entered Zaba's healing energy field.  From this place, simply ask for healing - allow any shadow or fear to drain away into the Earth to be transformed into love.  Allow Light to flow from the cosmos through Zaba into your own energy field.  (Think of Zaba as a faucet - you can turn this faucet on by touching it - and the healing waters of the Universe flow through!)

G).  Send LOVE to all who are connected in this meditation.  Breathe.  Spend a bit of time in receptivity to all energies of healing and Love coming to you!

[Note on saying prayers or sending healing to others: 

In the cosmic laws of free will, it is a given that one may not trespass where one is not welcome.   We may feel another needs healing, however, their ills may be a soul choice or lesson they or their guardians have called for.  Therefore, it is important always to ASK before proceeding.  Please check with potential energy/prayer recipients or their angelic guardians before placing them in the circle!  THANK YOU.] 

H).  When you feel complete, thank and release your connection to those you sent healing energy.  Thank and release the crystal skull you connected to. Thank and release the form of the Divine who's presence you called upon.  Thank and release any and all who have shared energy here tonight.  Thank and release the spirits of place who have held the energy for your work.  Thank yourself for your awakening and/or healing.

I). Stretch and rub your limbs.  Make some deep sound.  Clap your hands, stomp your feel, sing a little song!  






Every meditation session will end with a Healing Circle.  

Those who are unable to attend but are wishing to be included in the Healing Circle may send their names in for upcoming Circles - here is how:


1).  Please make all submissions for Healing Prayers by 11:59 pm on the day before our scheduled meditation.  Thank you!

2).  Write an email to - tell us your name (or the name of the person to be placed in the Healing Circle).  That is all you need to do, however, if you wish,  you may include information on your situation - please write as CLEARLY and CONCISELY as you are able.  

3).  Put the words "Healing Circle" in the subject line of your email, and the date of the circle you wish to be included in.

4).  You may leave it at that, or you may choose to tune in to the meditation as well!



Many Blessings & Much Love,

Maya (& Zaba)

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