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Zaba and the Crystal Skull Syenrgium recognize the Earth's indigenous cultures as world treasures.  In honor of the Wise Ones who went before us, and who still today carry tools and traditions that guide and assist humanity in living in integrity and love, we will be posting pertinent information here.

Currently, our First Peoples' donations are going to the the Oceti Sakowin, Sacred Stone Camp Water Protectors, who fight with honor for the protection of clean water for all.  Please visit these sites to learn more, make donations or assist in the protection of our planet's water sources:

In Their Own Words, a photo essay: NPR

Standing Rock Protectors Facebook page

Sacred Stone Camp Information



Oceti Sakowin Latest News

From 2009-2011 Zaba's FULL EMBODIMENT meditations and healing circles were held at and as a benefit for the West Vancouver Indian Shaker Church's food program, created and run by dear friend, Eagle Dancer and minister Gene Harry.  We deeply thank you Gene for your wonderful spirit and work in this world!

 Part of Zaba's 'incubation' year (2009) was spent under the blessing, ceremony and awakening of indigenous elders with the intent that Zaba's energetic my facilitate all who encounter her to open our hearts to the plight and healing of the Earth's First Peoples.

All profits beyond operating costs from Zaba's events are donated to First People's and/or Disaster Relief or Earth-Beings' Rights causes. 

Two thirds of all donations made at Zaba Gatherings held at First People's venues go to those venues and/or First People's causes.  Please contact us at to bringZaba to your venue or event.




Blessed be the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of All Nations.  




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