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 We are exited to share the second printing of our book with you

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FULL EMBODIMENT; Light Body Activation

in Partnership with Living Crystal

The Second Printing !!

Deepest gratitude to crystal skull expert

Jaap Van Etten

for his delightful new forward for the book


Special thanks to Annie Oney, Fern Massar and Kelly Casavant for their immeasurable hours of patience with the book, pen, keypad (editing) and my grumpy moments!

We hope the book rocks your world, re-rocks it - or, um, at least brings rocks into it!
With Love,
Maya, Zaba & The Circle of Nine


 Zaba the 96 lb crystal skull, The Circle of Nine (a group of Angelic entities)
and I share practical ways of working with crystal and of activating your human and angelic Light
Body for growth, transformation, and FULL EMBODIMENT ~ the entering of your God-self, the
 highest aspect of your soul ~ into the vessel you provide for it. . . That you may live in vibrant health
on all levels and thus become aware of and live your Purpose ~  taking up your rightful part in the
conscious creation of Heaven on Earth, here and now.


Photo: Rama, Zaba's mate and guardian


What is YOUR Purpose? 

How can crystal assist you in manifesting yourself as you know you truly are?

Creative, passionate, equanimous,

present, radiant, wild,

unconditionally compassionate, infinite and shining. . .


Every one of us is all of these, say the Angelics,

and the awakening of Earth is calling for our embracing of this.


How can you work with your Light Body every day and live,

in thought, word, deed and beingness

as one of 'Earth's white blood cells' - offering your abilities in service of all that is?


All the magical and holy experiences in the cosmos are of no use if they do not

assist us in living more fully present, vitally alive in the moment

and authentically as who and what we really are.


 This is not a book on history of the crystal skulls, nor is it one of etherial channeled messages - we intend it to be of hands and hearts-on

practical use

in daily living.

Everything is of Light first, and matter second.  That which you hold within you shall manifest without. Energetic blocks and leaks to your Light Body can be cleared and mended, and as they are, so shall your purpose become clear to you.  Light Body work changes the vibrational rate at which your being resides, thus enabling rapid change in all areas of your life. 


We hope this book may be one tool on the path of manifesting what Zaba says is our

Birth right and our responsibility:

to allow our Full, Bright Spirits to Embody, as the Co-creators of Heaven on Earth we truly are, here and now.

Love, Love, Love,

Maya, Zaba & The Circle of Nine

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Full Embodiment Chapters:

Zaba & The Circle of Nine Speak  

You Are Your Own Authority  

      1- The Crystal Angelics  

2- Why Skulls  

3- Maya’s Religion 

4- Earth’s White Blood Cells  

5- Reality  

6- Matter and Light  

7- Blocks and Leaks  

8- Knowing the Goddess 

9- All One  

10- Vibration  

11- Intuition  

12- In Partnership with Living Crystal  

13- Your Crystal Partner  

14- Cleanse and Bless Us  

15- Tea, Dinner and Spending the Night  

16- Purpose and Mission: Yours and Ours  

17- How Can We Help You  

18- Peak Experiences  

19- Sugar In A Glass  

20- Conflict – An Invitation to Create 

21- The 22 Major Chakras  

22- Working the Seven Seals  

23- The Three Higher Octave Chakras  

24- The Three Angelic Chakras  

25- The Nine Faerie Star Chakras  

26- The Bardo of Life; Befriending Death  

27- Beginnings  






Also, our (we know - way too long) awaited book on use of the extended chakra system

is in the works!



Using the Star of the Angelics to Activate

the 22 Major Chakras

for Health, Wealth and Grace in Living Your Purpose 



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